Photography: decades in the picture

Hintergrund Hafen Tourismus

Between pixels and paper

analoge Kamera Revue

My first camera …

Photography from childhood

The first steps into the world of photography were taken at the age of 11. A school project that took place in a photo lab provided an opportunity to experience the wonder of image development first hand. This formative experience sparked a passion for photography that has continued to this day.

For decades we have not only been drawing stories with innovative software, but also with the lens of our cameras. For us, photography and technology are two sides of the same coin.

Our specialty in commissioned photography

Reise Wasserski in Xanten
Reise Wassersport in Roermond
  • Travel and Tourism:
    From scenic Alpine vistas to vibrant city scenes, we’ve captured the essence of wanderlust through our lenses, documenting the diverse cultures, landscapes and moments.
  • Camping:
    The soft glow of a campfire under the starry sky, the awakening of nature at sunrise – camping is more than just a form of travel, it’s a way of life. Our photographs show the simplicity and beauty of outdoor living.
  • Water sports:
    The splash of paddles in white water, the wind in the sails of a yacht – we have captured the dynamism and spirit of water sports in every wave and in every movement.
  • Gastronomy / Tourism:
    In gastronomy, it’s not just the food that counts, but also the ambience. We not only offer photographs of culinary creations, but also of the establishments where they are served.
    A restaurant, café or bistro is often an experience, shaped by its furnishings, atmosphere and location. We stage venues that reflect the character and uniqueness of each location. Our shots capture the mood, design and charm of the venues, be it the cozy corner café, the sophisticated fine dining restaurant or the stylish hotel.
  • Produkt photography in studio
    In our studio, we put products with an edge length of up to 60 cm in the best light. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for perfection, we stage each product to tell its story.